About Us

Ketut farm homestay is a Balinese family homestay set in a large tropical garden, in the village of Cepaka-Gadung Sari – Selemadeg Timur in the beautiful Tabanan region of Bali, Indonesia.
Our homestay is conveniently located 60 Km from Denpasar Airport, about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive. Safe and reliable pick up and transfer from any location in Bali can be easily arranged.

Cepaka is a small village with a population of 475, made up mostly of farmers committed to continuing traditional Balinese values. Our strong community works harmoniously together. We have Kindergarten and Elementary school in the village, and our school teacher comes from the village. We have three main Hindu Temples and some smaller temples. Each family compound has its own temple. Our village cemetery is also used for cremation ceremonies.

Why Choose Us

  • Our food and drinks are made with delicious organic ingredients found mostly on our farm
  • Safe clean spring water is used for food and drink preparation
  • You are welcome to participate in preparing an authentic Balinese meal in our kitchen
  • Fresh towels and lines are supplied
  • Each bungalow and room have a private bathroom and terrace

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