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Im Juli 2013 waren wir für knappe drei Wochen in Bali. Davon sieben Tage bei Ketut und seiner Frau Made. Wenn wir heute an Bali denken, dneken wir vor allem an die Tage bei Ketut.Weit entfernt von der Hauptstrasse, inmitten von Palmen und Büschen und Blumen führt das Paar auf dem Hof der Eltern eine sehr ruhige Gästeunterkunft. Der Hof ist in der Nähe von Tabanan (3o Fahrminuten). Nahe gelegen sind ausgedehnte, sehr schöne, in Stufen angelegte Reisfelder, welche zu Spaziergängen einladen.

Made’s Küche ist sehr abwechslungsreich undgeschmackvoll gewürzt. Die meisten Lebensmittel wie Reis, Manjok, Papaja, Kokosnuss, Gewürze, Geflügel oder Kaninchen stammen aus dem Hof und werden frisch zubereitet. Ketut ist ein ausgezeichneter Reiseführer. Er spricht sehr gut deutsch, kennt alle touristischen und unbekannten Sehenswürdigkeiten zu denen er seine Gäste hinführt. Wer will, kann sehr viel über die Religionen, politischen Gegebenheiten, gesellschaftliche Themen oder auch ueber Botanik und Pflanzenheilkunde erfahren. Beim naechsten Bali Besuch ist klar, wir werden einige Tage bei Ketut verbringen!

Evelyne und Otto Frey Wermuth

Hallo Ketut,

herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Deiner profesionellen Website. Vielleicht kannst Du Dich noch an mich (und Andi aus Sumatera) erinnern. Wir werden sicher irgendwann wieder nach Bali kommen. Dieses Jahr stehen Kalimantan und Sulawesi auf dem Programm. Aber vielleicht schaffen wir es Weihnachten nach Bali, um mit Dir eine Regentour zu machen.

Salam hangat dari Koeln, Jerman

Guenter Ambros

Hallo Ketut,
es ist mittlerweile wieder zwei Jahre her, dass wir auf Bali waren und manche schöne Reise mit Dir und Made unternommen haben. Die eine Woche in Deinem Dorf werden wir so schnell nicht vergessen. Der Garten auf Deiner Farm ist wie ein Paradies. Die Ausflüge mit Dir waren ein Erlebnis und sehr interessant. Dein Wissen hat uns sehr imponiert. Wir freuen uns schon jetzt darauf mit Dir neue Ziele auf Bali kennenzulernen. Bis dahin wünschen wir Dir und Deiner Familie alles Gute.
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland.

Doris & Herbert


If you are looking for a place where you can see nothing but nature, both this earth’s and your own, look no further, you’ve found a home away from home!

I spent several months living in Bali at a time when I needed to rejuvenate myself ~ body, mind, and spirit. During that time, I met Ketut Sudiasa. I was referred to him by a fellow traveller who told me, “You just have to go see this guy’s farm. It’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s awesome!” Although I was skeptical at first, tourism being what it is today, I must admit that my eyes were opened in a way that I hadn’t read about in a guide book before even setting foot off the plane.

The first time Ketut and I met, we spent a lovely afternoon visiting his privately-owned farm in the middle of nowhere. By “nowhere”, l mean in the middle of The Real Bali and not “The Real Bali” you see advertised in Kuta, Ubud, or Lovina. Over the bridges and through the villages, we drove down bumpy, dirt roads far away from the sights and sounds of even the smallest towns and, certainly, away from the noise of the larger cities from where we tourists often fly in. At the end of what had been a jarring journey (in life and down the bumpy dirt road), I found myself on the edge of the National Forest of Bali with nothing but rice fields as far as the eye could see all the while Balinese farmers farming the way they have for centuries and the Balinese community living in that manner as well. Nowhere to be found were other tourists, traffic, or taxi drivers. The only sound was the wind, my breath, and my deep sighs of relief with it.

Ketut and his family, from grandparents to grandchildren, fed me with food fresh off their farm ~ fruit from trees growing right before my eyes, eggs from chickens who had laid them the night before, rice and vegetables taken from his expansive garden. Right from the start and right off the vine, our afternoon lunch was an authentic experience of this earth’s goodness. The nights I spent in the private bungalow he offers on his farm were some of the best nights’ sleep I’ve ever had in my life. I awoke, of course, to the sounds of chickens crowing, after all, this is still Bali, but also to the sounds of the forest ~ birds chirping, leaves rustling, a river’s rushing. I enjoyed Ketut’s company so much that afternoon and those few days, and I learned so much, too, that I joined him for a few more tours. On each tour, I continued to see sides of Bali that I hadn’t read about in a tour book. I saw Bali through Ketut’s eyes, and because I was in such need of transformation, I felt that the island of Bali and the gods that inhabit it saw me, too. In other words, I was in God’s country, and God was in me.
Though he is so much more fluent in German, Ketut and I conversed in English, and I had no problem communicating with him. We talked about tourist topics, but we also talked about the more important matters of life as well. As a tour operator, he was attentive to my every need, making stops when I saw something that interested me, when I felt hungry or needed to pick up snacks or water, or when he thought there might be something I might enjoy as well. As a tour guide, he answered my questions thoughtfully and throughly. I grew spiritually from spending time with him, and I left Bali very much altered.

Life is sacred on “The Island of the Gods”, and I left with that sacredness in my heart. I arrived in Bali so very spent, but I left so very satisfied. This sense of fulfillment and contentment has stayed with me. I believe it is, in part, because I saw Bali ~ and, thus, life ~ through the eyes of Ketut, a family man and a leader in his village taking actions consistent with a vision of what is possible for his community.

If you are looking for the real deal and the real Bali, let me tell you that for a real deal, Ketut is the real deal and the real Bali. Selamat Jalan!

Anonymous, USA

Ketuts homestay is a lovely hidden peaceful place to spend some real Bali time.
The comfortable bungalow is nicely situated on a hillside overlooking green forest. A wide terrace with hammock makes for lazy hours in nature.

The surrounding gardens of flowers, fruit trees and assorted shrubs is gorgeous. For meals, Ketut walked over to get a fresh passion fruit, grapefruit, pineapple or avocado. He cut special plants and herbs to make delicious Balinese dishes. Made his wife cooks along side Ketut and together they prepare memorable satisfying meals.

Upon arrival, a family Mangku (priest) was summoned and performed a beautiful blessing ceremony full of chants, bell ringing, incence and prayer. Truly a wonderful welcome.

The village is infused with a kindness easily felt. It’s a tightly knit community, long established and highly cooperative.

Ketut’s English is great, as well as his German. He’s a confident and thoughtful driver and tour guide who is very curious about new customs, vocabulary and cultural exchange. He has many helpful tips to share for a thorough eperience of the island’s important sites.

Enjoy some time away from tourist areas, in the real Bali with a special family who are eager and happy to share their lives and lifestyle.

We’re very lucky to have this opportunity.

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